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Magnetic Pulley


The magnetic pulley is mandatory equipment for industries which are looking to refine their product, either at the final stage or at initial steps. The magnetic head pulley works towards removing iron particles that are contaminants. The purpose is to save the other moving segments of the mechanized unit from damage as well as to purify the contents. We at Star Trace Pvt.Ltd located at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India have been dealing with electro and permanent magnets for almost three decades and have been time honoured manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. We not only deal with magnetic pulley but also supply several other magnetic equipments involving magnets. The sales of pulley is done in four different sizes, customizing to client requirements is nothing new to us as we work hard on customer satisfaction.

The Magnetic head pulley or Magnetic pulley as it is called is a low cost investment apparatus which brings about superior extraction of ferrous substances. The magnetically active element can either be a contaminant or recovery materials that undergo further processing. When they are undesired there are chances of dent being caused on other working components, which will be avoided by using the magnetic pulley. The life span of magnetic pulley using permanent magnet is long enough when maintained properly. The setting up of the entity outdoors is also easy and will work efficiently in the worst of rugged conditions.

Functioning of Magnetic Head Pulley
  • The magnetic pulley has few working parts like the magnetic head, conveyor belt and separator. Lets discuss their role in functioning.
  • The magnetic head has the permanent magnet which is contained within a SS barrel or drum like structure. The magnet is 360 degrees and does not rotate only the outer covering rotates. The permanent magnet is made of ceramic or rare earth which ensures that there are no dead spots.
  • The conveyor is designed in such a way that it assures full utilization of magnetic intensity when crossing the magnetic head. The material of the conveyor is selected to suite the requirement which would be decided during sales talk.
  • The procedure starts by feeding the substance to be clarified on the conveyor, upon reaching the magnetic head constituent parts attracted by magnetic field stick to the conveyor and travel along till relieved by magnet. Other inactive matter fall right in front of the permanent magnet, at the end of the belt.
  • Separate collection bins or spots are facilitated.

Of the very many functional areas few of the important ones are:

  • Foundry e-waste recycling.
  • Coal cleaning.
  • Chemical, rubber & pharmaceutical.
  • Processing of waste.
  • Cement.
  • Glass.

Customization may have to be done to match necessity and this can very well be done, talk about it with our sales team who are at your service. We have our manufacturing plant at Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) & have been the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters right from inception. As we have dealt with sales to innumerable purchasers we are aware of the nuances which help us to serve all the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters better

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