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Magnetic Pulley


Magnetic pulley is designed with the integration of pulley and magnet to bring out effective segregation of ferrous particles which may be either contaminants or essential components in the process of separation. Subjecting the input to high intensity magnetic field from a permanent magnet is the core principle and we at Star Trace Pvt, Ltd Chennai, Tamilnadu, India with our experience of more than 25 years as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters are well versed in customizing the magnetic pulley according to client requirements.

The Magnetic Pulley or Magnetic Head Pulley is constructed with a head pulley that is conveyed of material through a conveyor which takes the material to the point of partition that is the head of pulley. The whole procedure deals with the under lying concept of magnetism.


As mentioned earlier the making of Magnetic pulley is a combination of permanent magnet and pulley. The pulley has a three sixty degree permanent magnet lodged inside it which does not move even as the pulley rotates. The substance to be separated is brought to contact with the magnetic pulley through a conveyor belt. Upon touching the pulley head magnetic effect is imposed and all fractions attracted by the permanent magnet sticks to the conveyor and moves along with it till released by magnetic strength. On the other hand non attracted stuff freely fall from the conveyor and is collected. A diverter is set in position to ensure there is no mixing at any point of time.


The magnetic Head pulley has been used in numerous industries for refining and bringing out superior products which have an impact on sales. One need not doubt on the improvement in sales as the end product is sure to be of superior quality when compared to not using a magnetic head pulley. Few of the industries which use the magnetic head pulleys are:-

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Refractory
  • Minerals
  • Cement
  • Mineral
  • Coal cleaning /de-sulfurization
  • Salt processing
  • Food
  • Wood & plastic
  • Metal recovery
  • Chemical
  • Rubber
  • Carbon, quartz cleaning

The special features that make our magnetic head pulley score over the others in sales are:

  • Use of rare earth permanent magnet.
  • Tested and verified magnets with no dead spots.
  • Entire head of the pulley experiences magnetism.
  • Perfectly welded to rule out misgivings.
  • Minimized distance between magnetic head and conveyor for maximum effectiveness.
  • Life time guarantee for permanent magnets.
  • Shell made of SS.
  • Available in four different hub styles.

With so many of our outstanding, unique features your magnetic pulley is sure to perform a wonderful job and fetch you good returns through increased sales. With our seasoned expertise as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters we have worked out solutions for our clients extending beyond boundaries. Located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India we have a strong footing in our mother land as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters as well as globally, we owe this to our strict quality monitoring. Our marketing team can arrange for a demo and analyze your need. Other branch offices located in different cities can also be reached for your convenience.

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