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Circular Motion Screens

The Type Universal circular motion Screens are new generation vibratory screening machine characterized by low profile, efficient protection of support structure from vibrating masses and virtually noiseless operation. The various versions of these circular motion Screens permit its Use for wet and dry screening, coarse and fine Separations and are widely used in steel mills, mineral Beneficiation plants, chemical, mining, food and Fertilizer industries, coal preparation plants and many others.

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The circular motion screens consists of screens box, supporting device, vibration exciter, transmission part. The barrel-type vibration exciter is installed in the middle part of the machine. During normal operation, the vibration of exciter will drive the screens mesh fixed on the screens box vibrate, and then materials will be screened.


This machine are mainly used in chemical industry, power station, steel works, coal plant, mine, building sites, etc,. Our scalping circular motion screens can be customized to meet various requirements. High-quality and safe operations. With single or multiple screens decks. Sand and gravel, building materials minerals, ores, pellets, sinter coal, coke, lignite, limestone, dolomite, chemical products, fertilizers.


The vibrator Unit is a steel shaft, completely housed in a protective steel tubular casing which in turn is provided with an easily replaceable rubber cover to resist damage and abrasion. Balance Weights are keyed to shaft. The bearings are specially designed for the use on circular motion screens and are a high capacity self aligning double roller type.

These bearings have special tolerances and improved lubrication facilities to give extended bearing life under their ardous working conditions. Labyrinth type grease sealings are provided to prevent dust getting into bearings. A deep groove V-belt Pulley is bored eccentrically to ensure true running arn to obviate the belt whip.


The Circular Motion Screens are bolted single or multi deck structure with a substantial and rigid design. The circular motion screens body consists of the two side plates with bolted transverse supports and screens mounts. The screens box is based on an open design. Drive shaft with its eccentric weights runs in heavy duty self-aligning roller bearings. The throw of the vibrating screens are varied by adjusting the eccentric weights.

The drive is either direct or through cordon shaft and v- belts. The circular motion vibrating screens are supported above the substructure by means of helical coil compression springs. The screens installation angle can be varied to suit the application. There are several options for lubrication, oil or grease, which can be used without modification. Selected bearing seals ensure a long service life.


A Type Circular Motion Vibrating Screens are consisted of Screens box, Screens, Vibrating motor, Reducing setting and Base plate. The angle of the screens could be changed by the adjustment of the height of the base plate. Usually the vibrating motor is fixed on the right side of the screens frame. We have all sorts of screens for our users to choose.

  • The two same vibrating motors which rotate synchronously in different directions, making the screens body do periodical to-and-fro linear moving to achieve screens classification purpose.
  • The crossbeam and side boards of screens are made of stainless steel plate or heat-resisting plate and connected by the rivets to decrease internal stress and make good fastness.

Circular motion (Single-shaft) screens. When the shaft of an inclined screens are located precisely at the screen's centre of gravity, the entire screens body vibrates with a circular vibration pattern. Occasionally, the shaft is installed above or below the center gravity as in the system this placement result in an elliptical motion, slanting forward at the feed end. A circular motion at the center; and an elliptical motion, slanting backward at the discharge end. Forward motion at the feed end service to move oversize material rapidly out of feed zone to keep the bed as thin as possible.

This action facilitates passage of fines which should be completely removed in the first one-third of the screens length. As the oversize bed thin down, near the center of the screens, the motion gradually changes to the circular pattern to sow down the rate of travel of the solid. As the discharge end, the oversize and remaining near-size material subjected to the increasingly retarding effort of backward elliptical motion. This allow the near-size material more time to find openings in the screens cloth.


The following are the features of Circular Motion Screens :

  • Quick changing of screens mats and of the specially developed removable names, to allow lengthwise tensioning using simple screw connections.
  • The machine is economically Equipped to customer's requirements with screens decks made of spring steel wire perforated sheet wire Perforated sheet metal, rubber or polyurethane optimum utilization of the screening area by a deck arrangement which is adapted to suit the grain size concerned, namely longitudinal, transverse, inserted and laid linings.
  • Low noise level with grease lubricated circular drive units which run extremely quiet and are of a stable design with low harmonic oscillation.
  • High availability and operational reliability is the result of a highly Developed design and quality Standard.
  • Low maintenance costs resulting from a direct drive using a normal commercial motor and maintenance free card an shaft.
  • Easy, quick installation and removable of worn and replacement parts by the use of screw connections.

Our scalping circular motion screens can be customized to meet various requirements. High-quality and safe operations. With single or multiple screens decks.

  • Sand and Gravel
  • Building materials
  • Minerals
  • Ores
  • Pellets
  • Sinter coal
  • Coke
  • Lignite
  • Limestone
  • Dolomite
  • Chemical products
  • Fertilizers

This machine are mainly used in:

  • Chemical industries
  • Power stations
  • Steel works
  • Coal plants
  • Mine
  • Building sites
Type Decks Capacity (m3/h) Motor power
Decks Spec.
Total weight
(L*W*H) mm
STR1225 2 8-60 5.5 1200*2500 3500 3040*1840*800
STR1225 3 10-70 5.5 1200*2500 3850 3040*1840*1200
STR1230 2 12-78 7.5 1200*3000 4200 3390*1900*800
STR1230 3 13-80 7.5 1200*3000 4600 3537*1900*1200
STR1237 2 15-86 7.5 1200*3700 4600 4090*1900*800
STR1237 3 16-90 7.5 1200*3700 5200 4400*1950*1200
STR1535 2 20-125 11 1500*3500 5890 4552*2250*900
STR1535 3 21-125 11 1500*3500 6700 4552*2250*1600
STR1545 2 22-150 15 1500*4500 6330 5400*2250*1600
STR1545 3 22-150 15 1500*4500 6800 5400*2250*1700
STR1548 2 22.5-162 15 1500*4800 6980 5300*2200*860
STR1548 3 22.5-162 15 1500*4800 7600 5752*2200*1600
STR1848 2 25-206 15 1800*4800 9080 6140*2470*1380
STR1848 3 32-276 18.5 1800*4800 9600 6140*2710*1780
STR1854 2 32-312 18.5 1800*5400 10150 6500*2600*1300
STR1854 3 32-312 22 1800*5400 10840 6960*2600*1630
STR2160 2 50-475 30 2100*6000 11780 7300*2950*2000
STR2160 3 50-475 30 2100*6000 12800 7300*2950*2000
STR2460 2 65-550 37 2400*6000 15600 7450*3230*1500
STR2460 3 70-620 37 2400*6000 17600 7450*3230*1910
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