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Hydrogen Generating Plant

Water electrolysis hydrogen (oxygen) is the process of water electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen by using KOH solution as the electrolyte.The electrolyzer stack is composed of two bipolar plate electrolytic cell group. And the chamber is equal to the number of two cell groups, with a common cathode plate transmission.It has features of compact structure, safe operation and reliable performance. Hydrogen and oxygen separator are horizontal type, with good separation performance. Oxy-hydrogen liquid level balanced on both sides, and the height of the equipment is greatly reduced.The electrolyte will be compulsively recycled, and the raw water is consumed by the piston pump automatically, and the operation parameters can be automatically monitored and controlled.

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Hydrogen Generating Plant Features:
  • Mature process, advanced technology:integrated design, PLC fully-automatic control, nearly twenty years of experience in hydrogen production, advanced technology, mature process.
  • Power consumption and cost low: Reduced the consumption of electrolyzer from the previous 6.5KW.h to 4.4KW.h, greatly reduced the production cost.
  • High pressure and high purity:Working pressure up to 5.0Mpa, crude hydrogen purity is 99.9%
  • No pollution, No emissions:It takes pure water as raw material, only produces hydrogen and oxygen, zero emissions, no pollution and absolutely environmental-friendly
Technical Specification :
  • H2 output flow: 2N m3/h
  • H2 output pressure: 0.6 Mpa (G)
  • H2 output purity: 99.7% (min)+/-0.2%
  • O2 output flow: 1N m3/h
  • O2 output pressure: 0.9 Mpa (G)
  • O2 output purity: 99.9% (min)