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Kneader Machine

Our comprehensive range of kneader machine finds application in various industries such as rubber, plastic etc. appreciated for its high efficiency and noiseless operation, our kneader machine is widely demanded in the foreign markets. this machine can be availed in different capacities as per your requirement at market leading prices.

Working Principle:

This machine comprises of a double 'u' shaped container welded and machined together inside which rotates two 'z' shaped sigma blades in opposite directions. The clearances between the walls and the container are kept to a minimum to ensure maximum effciency in kneading and mixing. the shafts of the blades are fitted in bearing blocks which are each provided with roller bearings, steel glands/teflon rubber seals for smooth and leakless operations. The kneader is mounted on a sturdy base frame fabricated out of ismc sections and are free from vibrations. for cooling and heating jackets are provided. These types of machines are available in m.s. and s.s.contruction. the kneader can be tilted by means of a mechanical system or manually and for bigger models beyond 250 kgs we provided hydraulic tilting. Hydraulic tilting system is provided with complete power pack, electric motor, pressure valves, pipes, fittings, cylinders and hoses which makes the tilting mechanism quick, easy and simple to operate.

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Elena and Healthy:

This product is under stirred form, solved convert stirring the shovel pot waste oil drip and not easy to clean, etc.

Mixing Uniform Non Sticky Pot:

Under drive transmission scraping bottom type stir, heat conduction oil as medium, completely solve the problem of high viscosity material viscosity pot, stir uniform, no stir dead corner and make the material mixed more fully.

Ensure Food Fillings Quality:

Two way independent control of heating system, can be adjusted to the heating temperature, automatic temperature control.

Easy to Operate, Safe and Practical:

Halogen light, no explosion, no fire danger, easy to install and operate, hand shake wheel discharging, quick and practical.

  • Effective mixing through close loop hydro-electric feed back system.
  • Tilting - hydraulic tilting mechanism.
  • Main rotor drive - hydraulic by way of high torque low speed hydraulic motor.
  • Feeding hopper - hydraulically operated with auto compensated hydraulic system.
  • Compact construction - occupying less space. a complete integrated unit.
  • Minimum maintenance due to lesser frictional mechanics.
  • Minimum operational cost due to single power pack motor.
  • No air compressor required.
  • Savings on power & maintenance.
  • Back feed type kneader
  • Internal mixing - chute type kneader
  • In process liquid injection type
  • Rubber industries
  • Plastic industries
  • Eva industries
  • Footwear industries
  • Tyre & tube industries
  • Varnishes & paints
  • Resins, glues, adhesives
  • Polyurethanes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Inks
  • Chemicals
  • Foods
  • Lacquers
  • Colourants
  • Cosmetics
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