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Magnetic Coolant Separator

STAR TRACE is a specialist in manufacturing a wide range of coolant Filtration systems and serves clients globally. With a team of committed professionals possessing more than one decade of experience Magnetic Coolant Separators are designed and developed for various Industries. Star Trace filters are working in different Industries like Engineering, Automobile, Bearings, Spindles, Textile Machinery Rolling Mills, Wire drawing etc., The filters have been supplied to both Indigenous and Imported Machines and also used as original fitment by many machine tool Builders. As a large scale manufacturer a wide range of standard models are available to choose from and special / larger system can be designed and supplied as per requirement and application. Conventional cleaning methods do not remove ferrous impurities where as Magnetic Coolant Separators do an excellent job and protect machines from damage.

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Magnetic Filters are suitable for Cylindrical, Centreless, surface & Internal Grinding Machines, Thread Grinders, Honing Machines, Rolling Mills etc., It is also used as a pre-filter along with other types of coolant filters like Paper band or Hydro cyclone filters. The unit can be fitted on existing setup.

Construction & Working Principle

Magnetic Filter consists of powerful magnetic drum driven by double reduction worm geared motor. The contaminated coolant from the machine is passed through the gap between the drum and the body. The dust particles are attracted by the drum and a rubber roller squeezes the swarf which is scrapped off by a scrapper plate. The clean coolant is collected is the coolant tank for re-circulation to the machine. The working of the Magnetic Coolant Separator is quiet fast and can handle quantities matching their capacities. Handling larger volumes is possible with customized Magnetic Coolant Separator. We being one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of coolant filters, have good stock in hand. On special request, customization is done for a sale when our specifications do not match client requirements.

Advantages of Magnetic Filter
  • Removes ferrous particles from coolants.
  • Improves surface finish on components.
  • Increases coolant life & wheel life.
  • Frequent cleaning of coolant tank is avoided.
  • Con be used as a pre-filter for other filtration systems.

We have been into the manufacturing of Magnetic Coolant Separators for more than two decades and our equipment perform to perfection. The magnetic filter ensures complete removal of ferrous impurities and aids in uninterrupted flow of pure coolant. Head quartered in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) we have served clients overseas and inland. Our sales record reflects that most of our client are repeat customers and sale of Magnetic Coolant Separator is on the rise, this once again stands as proof of unmatched quality.

Technical Data of Cage Style Magnet
Magnetic Coolant Separator
ST 50 50 225 400 120 185 2.5 6.0 185 0.25
ST 70 70 300 400 120 265 2.5 60 265 0.25
ST 100 100 400 400 120 365 2.5 60 365 0.25
ST 150 150 530 450 120 490 2.5 60 490 0.50
ST 200 200 630 500 120 590 2.5 60 590 0.50
ST 300 300 830 525 120 790 2.5 60 790 0.50
ST 500 500 630 500 150 590 2.5 80 590 0.75
ST 1000 1000 830 525 150 790 2.5 80 790 0.75
ST 1500 1500 1050 750 200 1000 2.5 100 1000 1
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