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Medical Oxygen Plant

Star Trace Air Separation Unit refers to equipment which obtain oxygen, nitrogen and argon from liquid air at low temperature by difference of each component boiling point.

Product Advantages:

  • Simple Installation and Maintenance
  • Fully Automated System
  • High-Purity
  • Low Maintenance Operations
  • Low Energy Consumption

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Medical Oxygen Plant :

Application Fields

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other rare gas produced by air separation unit are widely used in steel, chemical industry, refinery,glass, rubber, electronics, healthcare, food, metals, power generation and other industries.

Product Advantages:
  • Simple installation and maintenance thanks to modular design and construction.
  • Fully automated system for simple and reliable operation.
  • Guaranteed availability of high-purity industrial gases.
  • Guaranteed by the availability of product in liquid phase to be stored for use during any maintenance operations.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Short time delivery.
Process flow :
  • Full low pressure positive flow expansion process
  • Full low pressure backflow expansion process
  • Full low pressure process with booster turboexpander
Product Specification :
  • Air Separation Unit with normal temperature molecular sieves purification, booster-turbo expander, low-pressure rectification column, and argon extraction system according to client’s requirement.
  • According to the product requirement, external compression,internal compression (air boost,nitrogen boost),self- pressurization and other processes can be offered.
  • Blocking structure design of ASU, quick installation on site.
  • Extra low pressure process of ASU which reduce air compressor exhaust pressure and operation cost.
  • Advanced argon extraction process and higher argon extraction rate.
Eddy Current Separator Specification