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Rotary Shaft Kiln

The Rotary shaft kiln is a product of high engineering excellent which are used for processing solids. Star Trace as a manufacturer of industrial equipment, builds Rotary shaft kilns which are made using high quality raw materials. The standard of material used in the making plays a vital part as the kiln handles heat. Before we go into the detailing of Rotary shaft kilns, lets briefly discuss what a kiln is " A kiln is a device or equipment to which heat is applied to bring about desirable physical or chemical changes to a material fed into it, it can even be compared to a furnace though it is different from it

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Star Trace as a leading manufacturer,supplier and exporter of Rotary shaft kilns; designs and constructs equipment with precision following standard norms to deliver unmatched quality and specifications. It consist of a cylindrical tower fitted with a furnace at the bottom and air inlets also at the bottom, the gases formed during the reaction can be let out by the opening at the top. The material that needs to be processed is fed from the top and moves down for discharge.

It is common to see manufacturers exhibiting two types of kilns one is the vertical Shaft kiln and the other is Rotary shaft kilns. Both work with the same principle and purpose but differ in the appearance. The vertical shaft kiln stands as a tall structure where as the Rotary shaft kilns are horizontal constructions possessing rotational movement. The feeds are introduced at one end and through the rotary movement reach the other end by when the process is completed.

Brick manufacturers and suppliers use the vertical shaft kilns to operate round the year. The fabrication is done in such a way that they with stand the internal and external changing temperatures. As production is non stop suppliers are able to keep pace with demand and sale prices do not have drastic changes.

  • Owing to the size of Rotary shaft kilns large volumes can be handled
  • Thought there are feed sizes to be accommodated in Rotary shaft kilns a wide range can be accepted
  • The kind of fuel used also has choices
  • Excellent fabrication
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Welded finishing to ensure safety
  • Sturdy built up that lasts for years beyond life time.
  • Iron ore and blast furnace dust
  • Dolomite
  • Gold Ore
  • Magnesia
  • Paint Pigment
  • Lead minerals
  • Refractory material

The specifications mentioned for our wide range of variations are available with us. As leading suppliers of Rotary shaft kiln customized requirements can be full filled which gives us an advantage in sale. Upon sending an enquiry, a detailed report on the Rotary shaft kiln will be provided which suites your requirement & head towards making a sale. Our fully trained and experienced engineers will guide you through the selection process so as to decide the correct kind of Rotary shaft kiln and their specifications. Look into the details to take informed decisions and be sure to expect the best from the Chennai (Tamilnadu,India) based manufacturer serving globally.

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