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Banana Vibratory Screen

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Banana Vibratory Screen

Star Trace banana vibrating screen , the shape of which is just like a banana, is a linear vibrating screen with a box type exciter, and the screen deck divide into several zones with different dip angles. From the feed end to the discharge, the ratio of materials quantity and flow speed on different zones is stable. Compared with common vibrating screen, the handing capacity can increase by 1.5 to 2 times, it is excellent for medium and fine size materials.


The screen is mainly used for the classification of large and medium size materials with high content of fine particles , meanwhile the screen can be used for dewatering, demediuming and desliming.

  • Iron ore & gold powder.
  • Coal powder.
  • Aggregates.
  • Sand & gravel.
  • Hard rock, limestone, ore.
  • Banana screen adopts constant bed thickness of screening principle and multi-angle of screen surface(three slopes) in the design. The shape of screen box is just like a banana, and the screen deck divides into three sections with different inclination angles. From the feed end to the discharge, the sieving rate and flow speed on different zones are varying.
  • Three axle driving with elliptical motion trail.
  • Combined with large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.

Model Screen cloth layers Mesh size (mm) Mesh size (mm) Production capability (t/h) Motor power (Kw) Weight (Kg)
2ST1235 2 5/1/2020 400 60-210 5.5 3600
3ST1545 3 5/1/1950 400 110-385 15 6800
2ST1848 2 5/1/1980 400 25-206 15 9080
2ST1854 2 5/1/2000 400 200-450 18.5 8600
3ST1860 3 5/1/2000 400 250-600 22 9200
3ST2160 3 6/1/2000 400 300-750 37 12800
3ST2460 3 6/1/2000 400 400-850 45 14100
4ST1848 4 5/1/1980 400 32-285 22 11100

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