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Electrostatic Drum Separator

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Electro Static Drum Separator


We are a established company involved in designing, developing and supplying excellent quality Industrial Electrostatic Drum Separator and offer it at market leading prices. Electrostatic Drum Separator is designed for separating mixtures of bulk materials, which are differing by their electrical properties. These superior quality Electrostatic Drum Separator is manufactured following international norms and standards to satisfy the customers and maintaining products quality.

Electrostatic Drum Separator Features:

This electrostatic drum separator is capable of producing high grade concentrates with high recovery of valuables owing to three step re cleaning and facility for heating materials. Besides it consumes little electric power and is environment - safe.

Electrostatic Drum Separator Applications:
  • Beneficiation of ferrous, non - ferrous and rare metal ones.
  • Recovery of metals from industrial wastes (electronic or electrical engineering scrap, cables etc.
  • Recovery of dielectric materials(e. g. plastics) for recycling.
  • Purification of metal and non - metal powders.
  • Separation of industrial minerals(quarts, feldspar, mica etc;).
  • Shape and size classification.
Model Capacity Particle size
Collecting electrode
Collecting electrode
No of Cells Power Input
Overall Dimensions Weight
(0.1 0.8)* 0.05-4.0 320 500 3 3 1200 1100 2700 1070
(0.3-2.5)* 0.05-4.0 320 1500 2 4 2200 1200 3000 2300
*Capacity range in specific weight of the materials.


1.Technical data specification subject to change.
2.Special electrostatic drum separator can be made on request, Please send us your technical data and application, required for our engineers to provide.

Since we are engaged in manufacturing as well as in offering turnkey projects to our customers, we pay utmost attention to customer's specific demands and requirements. We take pride in our ability to tend to all the demands made by the customers concerning designing, fabrication, erection, installation or any other work. Our personnel ensure that the client's requirements are met with within the stipulated time frame and at industry leading prices. These endeavours are taken care of by obtaining the drafts of their designs or site maps for installation, erection etc.

Once our personnel have an idea of what the client needs, it becomes easier for them execute their orders with efficacy. We have segregated our workforce for taking care of designing and production work as well as for rendering services for turnkey projects. We have personnel who are trained to execute installation, erection, fabrication work for the clients at their premises.

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