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Star Trace is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mining equipment which involves magnetic separators, vibratory separator, gravity separators and screen separators to name a few. The hydrocyclone falls under the category of gravity separator and is widely applied in mine-chosen technique in various metal mines.

It mainly shows in the following works:

  • Classification for section I closed circuit grinding
  • Classification for section II closed circuit grinding
  • Regrinding for fine mine classification
  • Mud-removing before selection and after selection
  • Dam and back fill for gangue.

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In closed circuit grinding system the hydrocyclone features high classification efficiency and fine over fall fineness under high mine concentration. Classification efficiency is higher for 5-10% than common screw grader. It benefits for enhancing grader utilizing. Choose proper specification and mode of hydrocyclone according to grinding processing capacity, over fall fineness and sedimentation concentration. This is precondition of getting the most optimized work condition. Star Trace Company is able to offer stand alone Hydrocyclone, parallel connection Hydrocyclone or Hydrocyclone series in such specs as Ö50, Ö75, Ö100, Ö125, Ö150, Ö200, Ö300, Ö350, Ö500, Ö660 Fine sand, less than 37ìm, in gangue can not be used as dam materials during selecting mine. After the classification by cyclone, coarse granule are left in the bottom of the dam, fine granule move to the tail of gangue. Fine granule graded naturally during the movement. There is section full of clean water, which can be used for calling back of water. In the process of filling tail, we utilize hydrocyclone for grading and concentrating to separate coarse granule so that to reduce load of filtering machine and to reach at the best effect. Use cyclone to finish dam and filling work so that to solve problems such as leaking mine, sink and over proof water discharged. So it can receive obvious economic and social benefit.

The cleaning interval of the Hydrocyclone depends on the collection or concentration of waste. The water which runs out of the Hydrocyclone is not clear but cloudy and has suspended fine particles which can be further subjected to the Hydrocyclone or used as call back water. The Hydrocyclone harbors numerous features which makes them the foremost preferred gravity separator.

  • SS construction for durability and rust free operation as separator
  • Simple construction and easy operation
  • No chemicals are used, environmentally safe
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Saves money on costly filters and the expenditure associated in maintaining them.
  • Available in numerous capacities
Application of Hydrocyclone:
  • The Hydrocyclone is used as separator in the mining industry.
  • They safe guard pumps and irrigation systems.
  • They are also used as separators for removing oil from water.

Hydrocyclones are usually installed in series and may number any where from five to fifteen which purely depends on the expected handling capacity.Sales of Star Trace Hydrocyclone is widespread globally and have been rendering trouble free operation for years. Our sales report predicts an over all increase in sales in the coming years.

Head quartered in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India we have been serving clients globally for the past twenty five years and have earned a reputation for manufacturing seamlessly working equipment. Drop in an inquiry on the hydrocyclone separator or any other equipment and expect state of art machines in standard dimensions or customized to your requirement.

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